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What is Supervisor Training?

The Supervisor Training Program is designed to ensure that supervisors at Signature are comfortable and confident in their roles.  Covering the basics of supervision, performance management, behavior-based interviewing and leadership principles, this program provides information and practical guidance to make sure you have the foundation you need to be successful.
Program Overview

  • Earn a Certficate in Management & Supervision*
  • Completion  of all 8 topics is required to earn the Certificate
  • Rolling sessions – jump in at any time!

Program Overview

Introduction to Supervision – Part 1

In this session, learn the non-negotiables of how we are expected to operate and conduct ourselves as leaders at Signature. We’ll also cover core employment laws that apply to every stakeholder such as the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disability Act.

Introduction to Supervision – Part 2

In this session, we’ll cover Signature’s Wage & Hour Policy, the Attendance Policy and the Harassment Policy in order to make sure you have the information and knowledge needed to effectively communicate and implement them in day-to-day operations at Signature.

Performance Management – Part 1

Get set up for success with some key information on effectively coaching and counselling for better outcomes. Also, get tips on providing feedback that improves performance and learn strategies for resolving conflict in the workplace.

Performance Management – Part 2

In this session, learn about the steps in the Progressive Discipline process and how to implement it! Also, get a handle on what constitutes harassment and know what to do if it happens.

Behavior-based Interviewing

In this session, learn about Behavior-based interviewing techniques and get information that you can use in your very next candidate interview.  Learn how to ask questions targeted at the behaviors or qualifications applicants will need to be successful in the role, in order to find the best qualified candidates who both fit the job and the organization.

Conducting an Investigation

Conducting workplace investigations can be very challenging. While we can’t provide you with exact information to lead you through every piece of every investigation, this session will provide standard investigation procedures and a proven process to follow to help ensure success.  In this session, learn the reasons to investigate, legal mandates, goals of the investigation and how to avoid common investigation mistakes!

Leadership Principles – Part 1

Being a new supervisor means that you may need to coordinate the efforts of others to get things done.  In this session, learn about delegation of tasks and how to check in and hold others accountable for what you’ve asked them to do.  Also, learn some key communication techniques to make sure your message is crystal clear.

Leadership Principles – Part 2

We know there’s lots to do and it’s easy to get pulled into the whirlwind of your day. In this session, learn how to make sure that you’re working on all the right things and spending an appropriate amount of time doing it.

Key Features

  • 8-week rolling program
  • 30 minute sessions
  • Live and interactive
  • Delivered on-line
  • All sessions are on Tuesdays at 2:00 Eastern Time

NOTE: Click each date link to register for the session(s) you wish to attend.


Date Topic
Jul 14 | 2:00 Eastern Introduction to Supervision – Part 1
Jul 21 | 2:00 Eastern Introduction to Supervision – Part 2
Jul 28 | 2:00 Eastern Performance Management – Part 1
Aug 4 | 2:00 Eastern Performance Management – Part 2
Aug 11| 2:00 Eastern Behavior-based Interviewing
Aug 18 | 2:00 Eastern Conducting an Investigation
Aug 25 | 2:00 Eastern Leadership Principles – Part 1
Sep 1 | 2:00 Eastern Leadership Principles – Part 2