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What is CEO School?

At Signature, we recognize Nursing Home Administrators as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their facility. As CEOs, administrators need more than what a standard textbook or college degree can teach to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and the highly regulated environment of post-acute care. Therefore, in addition to providing traditional onboarding, we invest a full week into training CEOs to be innovative, compassionate and savvy healthcare leaders. Senior executives from across the organization devote their time and resources into delivering actionable, thought-provoking and immersive learning experiences that transform the way our administrators think about and manage their facilities.

Considered a rite of passage by many, CEO School is an experience like no other and Signature believes it is a difference maker for every attendee. 

What Participants Learn

During CEO School, participants learn to:

  • Make strategic decisions driven by data and proven frameworks.
  • Analyze and create plans to address the diverse demands of their employees and consumers.
  • Expand their business toolkit to deliver better results faster than ever before.